E Cig: The Best Supplier in the UK

We are an electronic cigarette company in the UK; supplying safer, cleaner and affordable e cigs to clients in the UK. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, our e cig comes in a kit, called starter pack, which comprises of several components. The components of the e cigarette, battery, USB charger, cartridge, e liquid and cartridge holder, must be fitted together before a person can start smoking in a non-complicated process. Our e cigarettes are reusable in that a person does not need to buy new packs regularly; he/she can have the battery recharged and empty cartridges refilled/ replaced.

Our e-cigarettes e-liquid

The eliquid is the liquid that is vaporized to the fumes, which people inhale and exhale. Our electronic liquid can be purchased in cartridges, with the starter pack, alone or in bulk. The liquid comes in a variety of flavors, which smell nothing like the awfully smelling tobacco, for smokers to choose. Enticing flavors include menthol, mint and chocolate among others. Important about the e-liquid we supply is that a smoker can control how much stimulant, nicotine, he/ she inhales because it comes with varying nicotine levels. A smoker can, thus, choose to smoke an e cigarette with low, high or no nicotine content.

Battery and charger

The mechanism through which liquid nicotine gets heated to vaporization requires powering; before and during smoking. Since the fume production mechanism does not burn/ combust anything, as is the case with tobacco cigarettes, which burn tobacco to emit smoke, a battery provides the needed power to heat and vaporize the liquid. We make sure that the e-cig remains powered as long as possible by supplying batteries that be recharged, with our e-cigs that can store power for some time. The starter kit also comes with a USB charger that enables smokers to recharge the battery on any device that has a USB port, instead of looking for particular chargers or sockets.


These refer to the containers that hold electronic liquid and must, therefore, be fitted in the cartridge holder/ atomizer before smoking. We maintain high hygienic standards while manufacturing the different sized cartridges to ensure no corrosion, rusting or dirt builds up during the life of the cartridge, especially with regular refills. This ensures safe use of the cartridges and safe e sigs smoking. To ensure further safe use of our e-cigs, we label the cartridges accordingly; with information on the amount of liquid the cartridge contains, the flavor of the liquid in that cartridge and the content of nicotine in the e-liquid.


We are an established company that supplies e-cigs to UK customers. Our cigarette is more environmental friendly than the tobacco cigarette because in the absence of burning/ combustion, no ash or carbon-filled smoke gets emitted. The cigarettes also elicit more social acceptability due to their flavored, non-foul smell, and their cleanness, due to the absence of the ash. Thanks to the refillable cartridges and rechargeable batteries, clients save up money as they incur minimal purchases. With our electronic cigarettes, people can quit smoking easily as they reduce their nicotine levels smoke and can even smoke nicotine less e cig liquid.